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  Kin, Yamei
  • The Pride of His House: A Story of Honolulu's Chinatown
  King, Captain Charles
  • Custer's Last Battle
  King, Henry
  • A Year of the Exodus in Kansas
  Kirkland, Caroline Matilda
  • Forest Life [Vol 1]
  • Forest Life [Vol 2]
  Kirkland, Winifred Margaretta
  • The Joys of Being a Woman and Other Papers
 La Flesche, Francis
  • The Story of a Vision
 La Flesche, Suzette
  • Nedawi
 Lagerlof, Selma
  • Robin Redbreast
 Lawrence, D. H.
  • Adolf
  • Rex
  • Sons and Lovers
  • The Apostolic Beasts
 Le Bon, Gustave
  • The Psychology of Revolution
  • The Crowd: A Study of the Popular Mind
 Le Fanu, Joseph Sheridan
  • The Purcell Papers, Volume I
  • The Purcell Papers, Volume II
  • The Purcell Papers, Volume III
 Le Gallienne, Richard
  • Imperishable Fiction: An Inquiry into the Short Life of the 'Best Sellers' Reveals the Methods Which Brought into Being the Novels that Endure
  • The Woman Behind the Man
  • The Quest of the Golden Girl
  Lewis, Sinclair
  • Babbitt
  • Main Street
  Lincoln, Abraham
  • First Inaugural Address
  • The Gettysburg Address
  London, Jack
  • The Scab
  Lowell, Percival
  • Mars

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