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by: Pierre Auguste Cot

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Pierre Auguste Cot    (French, 1837 - 1883)
50 x 80 inches. Collection of Fred and Sherry Ross.
Exhibited Brooklyn Museum 1901-1930. Exhibited Metropolitan Museum New York City, 1996-1999.

The Storm.
Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY.
This painting was comissioned in 1880 and was exhibited at the famous Paris Salon the following year. A romantic theme of unknown classical origins, the beauty of youg love with a masterful rendering of light and shadow enthralls us.

Young Maiden Reading a Book.
The model for this painting was Rosita, a beautiful young princess.

Pierre Auguste Cot  (French, Academic Classicism, 1837 - 1883)

Pisan Girl with Basket of Oranges and Lemons.
Signed and dated Pise 1871, oil on canvas laid down on panel. 122.5 x 79.5 cm. Salon of 1871,
Second Prize Medal, Sothebys NY, May 1983.

A Little Lord Flauntelroy.


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