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Sanarate, El Progreso, Guatemala, Central America.

Village of Barranquilla Bridge
Sanarate, El Progreso.
Guatemala, Central America.





Village of Barranquilla Bridge


In the southwest end of the municipality of Sanarate, on the department (region) of El Progreso in Guatemala, the Village named Aldea Puente de Barranquilla (Barranquilla Bridge) is located. It is in that same place where the monumental bridge that bears the same name can be found. It is a colonial architectural structure which was built in 1813, a few years before Guatemala gained its independence from Spain.

The Barranquilla Bridge has generated many legends, among them there is one related to the cross erected in its center. It is said that on very dark nights the devil came to the bridge to kick it with the intent to demolish it, but after the cross was installed the devil disappeared for fear of the sacred symbol. It is also said that a wooden beam from a "chico" tree which is placed transversely in one of the arches of the bridge, was used to hang all those who resisted the authority of the Spanish colonizers. This beam is as old as the bridge.

This architectural gem was built with brick and masonry. In addition, it is said that in the preparation of the mortar mixture donkey milk was used to improve the grip of the bricks. The Barranquilla Bridge is located on the river named Río Los Plátanos where in this part of the country it serves as the boundary between the municipalities of San José del Golfo in the department (region) of Guatemala and Sanarate in the department (region) of El Progreso. Locals say that the cross located on the exact center of the bridge was installed precisely to indicate that the cross is the landmark (benchmark) that indicates the exact border between the municipalities mentioned.

The village named after the bridge, is located on both sides of it. Therefore, members of the same families reside in neighboring municipalities, some in Sanarate and others in San José del Golfo. The school and Catholic Church are located on the side of Sanarate, while the mechanical extraction of well water is on the side of San José del Golfo. The villagers are engaged in rudimentary agriculture, especially in growing basic grains. They also get great benefits with the farming of loroco, this plant produces during much of the year and sale prices are always good.

The journey from the city of Sanarate to the Village of Barranquilla Bridge takes about 45 minutes, passing through villages El Monte Grande, El Conacaste, Sabaneta, the entrance to El Jícaro and Laguna de San Jacinto. After going through this last village, a couple of kilometers further, the access road to the bridge is at the left, before reaching the village of Aldea El Carmen.

The bridge is impressive; its age gives it an almost mystical flair, for meditation and contemplation. These observations have also been expressed by television crews and print media that have come to make documentaries.

With an approximate height of 12 meters and 80 meters in length, this historical monument has resisted for centuries, the ravages of earthquakes, hurricanes, strong currents and other cataclysms. A recent example is the one from a Saturday night on May 29, 2010. Due to the huge strong current with the effects of Tropical Storm Agatha, water was over three meters above the bridge. At that time, the shocked villagers believed that the bridge had been shattered by the force of nature. But then, when the water level decreased, with great surprise it was found that the bridge was completely intact and there were shouts of joy and praises to God for this miracle.

Don César Larios, a local resident, made the following comment to www.sanarate.com: "At that time I could not resist the urge to bow to the colossus..."

Village of Barranquilla Bridge, Sanarate, El Progreso, Guatemala.

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Main Crops

    •   Tomato
    •   Cucumber
    •   Beans
    •   Corn
    •   Loroco


Elementary School

Basic Services

 • Drinking Water
 • Electricity
 • Cable TV
 • Land – line Phone service
 • Cellular Phone service


 • Catholic Church

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