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Sanarate, El Progreso, Guatemala, Centroamérica.

Feria 2018
Del 9 al 18
de Noviembre

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2019 Sanarate Calendars

Happy holidays to everyone!! This holiday season, add these exclusive calendars especially designed by sanarate.com to your shopping list. The proceeds from these calendars will keep this site up, alive and well throughout 2019. Happy New Year!!

The calendars are printed in Louisville, Kentucky, USA., and shipped worldwide.
Fruits and Vegetables

In this calendar, one can appreciate the fruits and vegetables grown in Sanarate, not only because of their variety, but because of the quality of the farming products.

In Sanarate, besides the fruit crops and the endemic legumes of the region any fruit or vegetable that is usually grown in other regions can be farmed. Besides, with the use of greenhouses the range of possibilities for farming non-traditional legumes has widened. For example, onion and eggplant are now farmed in the village of Los Llanos.

Harvest Time

Finally came the time to pick fresh apples. It is harvest time and Daría is taking advantage of a beautiful sunny day to help her parents pick the delicious juicy apples in their orchard.


12 months of inspiring beutiful images with sunflowers, just like 12 canvases straight from the hands of the master Expressionist and Post-impressionist Vincent Van Gogh.

Writing a Love Song

Elena gets ready to write and sing a beautiful song during a nostalgic and inspired summer afternoon.

Guardian Angel

Very often she would hear a sweet voice calling her name, to give her a sense of reassurance and peace, and many times to warn of some danger ahead.

Keeping track of important dates on your calendar is easy when you can view 12 months of inspiring and beautiful images. These high-quality calendars have oversized date boxes providing plenty of room to write in important events.

  • Starts January through December 2019
  • Full bleed dynamic color
  • 100 lb cover weight high gloss paper, wire-o bound
  • Pages measure 11" x 8.5"; calendar measures 11" x 17" when hung on wall
  • Our calendars are shipped worldwide

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Feria de Sanarate, Noviembre — 2018.

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